Street lighting with integrated, electric vehicle charge-points. Accessible via mobile devices or in-car connectivity.

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What is EV Street Charge?

We have developed a revolutionary, public-facing, EV charge-point management system – EV Charge Online.

This enables any EV driver to simply pull up to a charge-point and, using their mobile device or in-car connectivity, login to the charge-point and pay on the spot for its use.

There are thousands of street lights throughout the UK, which have sufficient electricity available to be upgraded to provide electric vehicle charging.

Access Options


This allows any EV driver to park next to the column and connect to the integrated charging socket. This option is free for any EV driver, with access to the charge-point, to use.

Ideal for use in private drives or private business car parks.

Key-switch Control

Adding Key-switch Control improves security and limits the EV StreetCharge charge-point to those who have the specific key.

These are perfect for use in a car park where access to the charge-point needs to be limited.

EV Charge Online

Our driver portal allows users to connect to an EV charge-point and pay through their mobile device, with online cloud software.

This system is best suited for public use.

Charging Options