Expected Revenue from EV Charge Online

EV Charge Online allows you, the host, to generate revenue from your EV StreetCharge Column or Retro-Fit Unit.

Street Light Car Charging point

This is a breakdown of prices and costs, based on a 6-meter, EV StreetCharge Column being used to charge an electric vehicle, once a day.

  • Price for one charge = £5 (for a 2-hour, 32-amp charge – equating to 14.4kWh in total)
  • Electricity cost = £1.87 per day (based on 14.4 kWh of electricity at £0.13p per kWh)
  • Portal management cost = £0.22p per day
  • Airtime cost = £0.04 per day
  • Financial transaction fee = £0.25 per charge (at 5%)
  • Electrical test cost= £0.05 per day (based on one £50 test, every 3 years)

Operating profit per charge = £2.57

An average (30-day) month’s operating profit = £77.10

Based on these calculations, it is estimated that the column will breakeven after approximately 4 years of use.

It is likely that each charge-point will be used more than once a day – possibly twice or three-times daily as electric vehicles become more numerous. For the host, this will mean more profit in less time.

3-year warranty on electrical components of EV StreetCharge products

Electrical testing every 3 years

Registered for the OLEV Workplace Grant

Street Light EV Car Point

Finance packages available upon application.
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