Host Management System – EV Charge Online

EV Charge Online’s host management system provides the host with a self-operating, EV charging network.

The host management system requires minimal administration. On a monthly or quarterly basis, the host will receive a report of their charge-point network’s activity and a payment of the funds generated by their charge-points.

EV Charge Online also offers a background management portal, which is managed by the host. The portal allows the host to monitor the usage and adjust the usage cost of their EV StreetCharge products. The host management system promptly indicates when a charge-point is available, is in use or has a fault.

Host Management Systems


  • Display the total Number of EV charge points owned by the host
  • Show the amount of EV charge points owned by the host
  • View the amount of kWh consumed
  • Display the total charge time in hours for the month selected
  • Show the amount of income received
  • Change tarriff rates
  • Create groups
  • Receive fault notifications